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Introducing our new Healing City Soils project!

Bioremediation (1)We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Royal Roads University and Danielle Stevenson of DIY Fungi to launch a new project called Healing City Soils.  Bridging urban agriculture, composting, food literacy, ecological restoration and bioremediation, this initiative brings together the municipalities of Victoria and Esquimalt, local post-secondary institutions, food security organizations and people who are interested in growing food and building the soil beneath their feet.

This project is about getting to know the soil beneath our feet, and building community around healing it. Ensuring the soil is healthy is a first step to any urban agriculture project; from backyard growing to community and boulevard gardening. Urban soils can sometimes contain heavy metals and other contaminants as a result of our industrial past and present.  This is not so great for our urban food gardens as the contaminants can get into or onto our veggies and fruits. Soil testing can be expensive, and the results can be confusing or disheartening, which ends up being a barrier to getting more folks growing.

The goal of Healing City Soils is to analyze the health of Victoria’s soils and create a virtual soil map of Victoria highlighting areas where heavy metals need to be addressed before growing food. This map will be paired with factsheets and workshops to empower people with the knowledge and skills to grow food safely or to heal the soil with compost, plants and mushrooms.

Interested in having your soil tested or learning more about this exciting project?  Find more information here.

Earth Machines back in stock — get them for $89.95 until May 9th

After a bit of a wait (so hard when it’s spring and everyone is thinking about compost!) we are pleased to have Earth Machine composters back in stock.  We have been carrying these composters for 15 years now and we love their rodent resistance, the fact that they’re made in Canada from post-consumer recycled plastic and above all, the beautiful soil they produce.

While we plan to keep carrying our beloved Earth Machines, we unfortunately need to raise the price due to the increased cost of plastic and shipping rates.  As of May 10th, the price will go up from $89.95 regular / $80.05 member to $99 regular / $89.10 member price.  You’ve still got a week and a half to snag one at the old price, so please do stop by and get a deal!

We value accessibility and never like to raise the price on any of our products, however, we do need to ensure that we are not losing money on the items we sell.  As always, the Compost Education Centre is a social enterprise and all profits from our products go to support our community education programs.  We appreciate your support!

Spring Organic Plant Sale 2015!

Saturday, May 9th from 10am-2pm!  Amazing, all-organic, all-local veggie, herb and flower starts for your garden sold right outside the Compost Education Centre at 1216 North Park St.!

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