factsheets cropped largeCurious about hot composting or worm composting?  Want to learn more about the Green Cone Digester or Earth Machine backyard composter?  We’ve put together a factsheet for each of these composting queries as well as many more!

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Factsheet #1 Backyard Composting

Factsheet #2 Vermicomposting

Factsheet #3 Food Waste Digester

Factsheet #4 Hot Composting

Factsheet #5 Trenching

FactSheet #6 Urban Leaves

Factsheet #7 Mulching

Factsheet #8 Compost Ecology

Factsheet #9 Tumbler Composters

Factsheet #10 Bokashi 

Factsheet #11 Soil Contamination

Factsheet #12 Best Practices for Healthy Urban Gardens

Residential Composting Options for Multi-Family Dwellings

How to Build a 3-Bin Pallet Composter

How to Build a DIY Greenhouse